As an aspiring facutly member, my mission as an eductor is to disseminate knowledge, teach specific skills, and prepare students for their future careers. To do this, my teaching philosophy can be summarized into three foundational pillars: (1) clarity of learning objectives and assessments, (2) communication of concepts to diverse audiences, and (3) empower students to solve new problems. More details can be found within my teaching statement.

Cornell University: Graduate Teaching Assistant

Course: BIOMG 4870 Human GenomicsFall 2017, Fall 2018Syllabus
Course: BTRY 4830 Quantitative Genetics and GenomicsSpring 2018Syllabus

Cornell University: Center for Teaching Innovation GET SET

Cornell University’s Center for Teaching Innovation supports the university’s teaching community. The GET SET workshops offer participants the opportunity to attend weekly workshops on teaching and learning in higher education. These workshops introduce participants to broad aspects of teaching in higer education by providing brief theoretical backgrounds, offering practical approaches, and working to imagine ways to incorporate these techniques into their classroom.

Understanding How Your Students LearnFall 2019
Using Active Learning Strategies In Your TeachingFall 2019
Grading EffectivelyFall 2019
The Role of TAs in Cultivating an Inclusive ClassroomFall 2019
How Do I Know My Students Are Learning Before the Semester EndsFall 2019